Breezy Hill Stables is a unique equestrian experience for both the beginner and intermediate rider.

We specialize in beginner, timid, and older riders, as well as returning riders. Those who have ridden when they were younger and are returning to the sport of riding will also find Breezy Hill Stables perfect for their needs.

Rebuild your confidence level and tune up your horseback riding skills. We are family oriented in our riding programs, which include summer camp, special events, and fun-filled schooling horse shows, among others.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Every summer we offer a week-long day camp with games, hiking, crafts, and horsemanship. There are two sessions in the month of July so you can choose which week best accomodates your busy schedule.

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Riding Lessons

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship is a different perspective on training horses and riders using games that stimulate the brain. This effective approach stands out from other methods because the horse and rider build a close bond beginning with a  sturdy foundation. The emotional foundation coexists with the logical tactics that are infused in our training techniques. When you combine emotional and logical aspects, the horse becomes more than just a beast of burden, but a friend and companion.

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Our Horses

Our Horses

Become acquainted with the personalities of our horses. Find out more so you are already a step ahead the minute you set foot onto our equestrian property. The horse is, after all, the other half to the equation of riding.

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Schooling Shows

Several times a year, students go off the property to a local schooling show where they can show off their skills.

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